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Products by Section
Only a few products from each manufacturer are shown on this website. Call for information on other products.

Mfg Product Model Pages
ATC Temperature Controller ATC550 6a
Sifam Tinsley Temperature Controller RE72 6a
Red Lion Process & Temperature Controllers T16, T48, TCU, TSC, P16, P48, PCU, PSC call
Extech (Flir) Controllers 48VFL 6
Sifam Tinsley Dual Loop Controller RE92 6
Fuji Electric Temperature & Process Controllers PXF4, PXF5, PXF9 7~
Partlow Limit Controllers 1161+, 1401+, 1801+ 10
Partlow DIN Controllers 1160+, 1400+, 1800+ 10
Weschler Premo Bargraph Meter/Controller PC, PD, PG 4-
West Process Controllers EC44 9
KEP Batch Controller MB2 9
West Temperature Controllers CAL3300, CAL9300, CAL9400 6b
Yokogawa Advanced Controllers UT55A, UT52A, UT35A, UT32A, UM33A, UP55A, UP35A 5b

Mfg Product Model Pages
Accuenergy Basic kWh Meter Acuvim-KL 33a
Trumeter AC Mains Powered Meters APM-M2 33a
Byram Digital Synchroscope MCS 25
Accuenergy DIN Power & Energy Meters AcuRev 1300 Series 29c
Accuenergy Digital Power Meters Acuvim II, Acuvim-L 25a
Adtech Loop Powered Indicators LPI25, LPI30, LPI40 84a
ATC Digital Timers 655, CS100 41a
ATC Digital Timers & Counters 385AR, 425A, 5708A 41
Dixson Bargraph Meters BB101, BB202, BK051, BW051 14
Electro Industries Power Meter Shark 26
Crompton (Tyco) Digital Metering System Integra Ri3 26
Electro Industries Utility Billing Meter 1262, 1272 29b
Trumeter Counter / Timers KAL, 924K 42
KEP Counters & Timers see Trumeter 42
KEP Totalizer & Rate Meter MRT, MC2, MR2 42b
Trumeter Time Relays 7954, 7957 42b
Lascar Graphics Meters & Enhanced Digital Panel Meters Panel Pilot, DPM950S, DPM942S, SP400, DPM1AS, DPM3AS, DPM342 35a
Laurel Electronics Digital Panel Meters L40 21b
Laurel Electronics High Performance DPM Laureate 22
Laurel Electronics Programmable 6 Digit Counters Laureate 39
London Electronics Loop Powered Meters 88-PRO, PRO 37a
Panel Tachometer & Totalizer ACT 37a
Extech (Flir) Panel Tachometer 461950 37a
London Electronics Large Display Meters Fusion, Easy Reader, ER2, ER4 38
Crompton (Tyco) Digital Metering System 1630 24
Lascar Digital Panel Meters DPM700, DPM900, 35, 65, EM32 series 36
Martel Digital Panel Meters see Lascar 36
Lascar Quick Mount Digital Panel Meters EMA, EMC, EMT, EMV 37
Martel Quick Mount Digital Panel Meters see Lascar 37
NLS Panel Meters PM349, PM352, PM452, RM350, RM351, RM452, RM453, X32, X34, X37 35
Red Lion Counters, Timers & Rate Meters CUB7, PAX Lite 39a
Red Lion Deluxe Counters, Timers & Rate Meters CUB5, PAX 39b
Red Lion Deluxe Panel Meters PAX 22c
Red Lion Digital Panel Meters CUB5 22a
Red Lion Digital Panel Meters PAX Lite 22b
Red Lion Dual Display Digital Panel Meter PAX2A 22d
Selco / Asahi Digital Panel Meters A5000 23
KEP Totalizer / Rate Meter INT69 42a
Sifam Tinsley Counter N30 42a
Sifam Tinsley Digital ANSI/DIN Switchboard Meters A20A+, A30A+, A40A+, A50A+, A70A+ 33
Sifam Tinsley Digital Panel Meters N30H, N30P, N30U 23c
Sifam Tinsley Synchroscopes & Synchronizing Units KS3, SQ94, SQ14 28a
Simpson Digital Controllers Hawk III, H335, H340, H345 20
Simpson Digital Panel Meters F35, F45, M235, M245 21
Simpson Counter, Totalizer, Rate/Totalizer/Batch S660, S661, S662, S663, S664 40
Texmate Application-Specific Meters AM, BN, CM, CP, DD, DU, DVM, MU, PC, PM, RP, SB, SM, SP, TM, UM 18~
Texmate Intelligent Panel Meters DI, GI, BL, DL, BX, DX 15~
Trumeter Advanced Panel Meters APM 34b
Trumeter CT Meters & Shunt Meters APM-CT, APM-Shunt 34c
Trumeter Rate Meter APM-Rate 34c
Weschler Bargraph Meters BG252, BH252, PC101, PH101, PC202, PG101, PG202, BI1251, BW1316, BV5A, BD101. BG241, BG251, BG261, BG281 13
Weschler Quatro Bargraph Meter LA, LC, LD, MA, MC, MD 11
Weschler Tricolor Bargraph Meters BG252, BH252, BV5A, BD101, BG241, BG261, BG281 12
West Digital Thermostats ET2001, ET2011 38a
West Digital Timer ETM2432 38a
Yokogawa Digital AC Switchboard Meters 2491, 2492, 2493 27~
Yokogawa Proplus Digital Panel Meters YPP6000, YPP6060, YPP6100, YPP6300, YPP6400, YPP7000 21a
Yokogawa Power & Energy Meters PR300 29

Mfg Product Model Pages
Byram AC Current Switchboard Meters MCS 46
Byram AC Voltage Switchboard Meters MCS 47
Byram AC Watt & VAR Switchboard Meters MCS 48
Byram DC Current & Voltage Switchboard Meters MCS 45
Byram Power Factor, Frequency & Synchroscope Meters MCS 49
Crompton (Tyco) AC Current & Voltage Meters Challenger, Saxon, 361, 362, 363, 364, 012, 013 63a
Crompton (Tyco) AC Overload Ammeters 016, E243, E244 71
Crompton (Tyco) DC Current & Voltage Meters Challenger, Saxon, 361, 362, 363, 364, 012, 013 59a
Crompton (Tyco) Digital/Analog Switchboard Meters 007-DI 54
Crompton (Tyco) DIN Panel Meters E242, E243, E244, 246, 242, 244, 243 72
Crompton (Tyco) Fiesta Panel Meters 016 69~
Crompton (Tyco) Crompton Frequency Meters Challenger, Saxon, 362, 363, 364, 012, 013 67a
Crompton (Tyco) Meter Relays 239, 007 77~
Crompton (Tyco) DC & AC Switchboard Meters 007, 078 51~
Crompton (Tyco) AC Watt, VAR & PF Switchboard Meters 007, 078 53~
Hoyt Analog Panel Meters HST 70
Hoyt Switchboard Meters HLS 44a
Hoyt Illuminated Panel Meters 3100, 5000 75
Hoyt Industrial & Military Panel Meters 17/3, 17/L, 250, 552, 560, 570, 574, 580, 582, 584, 617 73
Hoyt VU Meters 1.5 75a
Prime Instruments 5% Accuracy Panel Meters 21, 37, 42, 90 75a
International Instruments Edgewise Panel Meters 1146, 1151, 1246, 1251 57
International Instruments Thin Panel Meters 1140 57a
Jewell (Modutec) AC Current and Voltage Meters S Series, W Series 66
Jewell (Modutec) AC Current & Voltage Meters PB Series 66a
Jewell (Modutec) DC Current and Voltage Meters S Series, W Series 62
Jewell (Modutec) DC Current & Voltage Meters PB Series 62a
LFE Analog Optical Meter Relays 1953, 1954, 1963, 1964 79a~
A&M/Weston Ruggedized Panel Meters AC & DC 74
LFE Analog Panel Meters 7000, Panelist, Round, Meteor, Edgewise, Ruggedized 74
Sifam Tinsley Analog Panel Meters Smart Look, Contender 58a
Simpson Analog Meter Relays 3323, 3324 76
Simpson Analog Panel Meters AC Voltage / Current 1247, 1257, 1347, 1349, 1357, 1359, 2142, 2143, 2144, 2152, 2153, 2154 65
Simpson Analog Panel Meters DC Voltage / Current 1227, 1327, 1329, 2122, 2123, 2124 61
Simpson Frequency Meters 85, 87, 89, 185, 187, 1287, 1387, 1389, 2182, 2183, 2184 68
Simpson Round Voltage & Current Meters 25, 55, 125, 155 58b
Weschler Analog Edgewise Meters V252, H252, Airpax, 20/20, 221, 251, 351, 371 55
Weschler Analog Switchboard Meters KA241, KX241, KA261, KX261 KR241, KI241, KI261, KP241, KP261, KC241, KC261, KS241 43
Hioki Meter Relay 2103, 2104 79
Weschler Meter Relays CMT-Y4, CMT-Y3 79
Yokogawa AC Current & Voltage Meters 250, 251, 254, 255 63
Yokogawa Stylist AC Panel Meters 260, 261, 264, 265 64
Yokogawa DC Current & Voltage Meters 250, 251, 254, 255 59
Yokogawa Stylist DC Panel Meters 260, 261, 264, 265 60

Mfg Product Model Pages
Pyromation Temperature Transmitters 441, 442, 642 85
Low Profile Signal Conditioners SlimPak II 85
Adtech Two Wire Transmitters 100 Series 84a
Adtech Field Selectable Alarms 500 Series 84a
API (Absolute Process) DIN Transmitters, Isolators & Alarms APD1000, APD1080, APD1400, APD1500, APD1600, APD1700, APD1800, APD4001, APD4008, APD4059, APD4300, APD4380, APD6010, APD6380, APD7010, APD7580, APD HV 81a
API (Absolute Process) Plug-In Alarms API1000, API1005, API1020, API1025, API1080, API1090, API1200, API1220, API1600, API1620, API1700, API1720 88b
API (Absolute Process) Plug-In Transmitters & Isolators API4001, API4008, API4059, API4130, API4300, API4310, API4380, API4385, API4440, API6010, API6380, APILPI 88c
API (Absolute Process) DC to DC Splitter / Isolator / Transmitter APD4930 81c
API (Absolute Process) Compact Converters / Isolators K109TC, K109UI, K109PT, K121 81c
API (Absolute Process) Universal Isolated Transmitters APD4000, APD8000 81b
Red Lion Signal Conditioners AAM, AFC, AIM, IFM, ICM, IRM, ITM call
Laurel Electronics DIN Rail Transmitters LT, LTE 84
Laurel Electronics Quad Loop Splitter / Retransmitter QLS 86a
Laurel Electronics Serial to Analog Transmitter LTS 88
API (Absolute Process) Frequency to DC Transmitters API7010, API7580 88
NLS Series 8000 Signal Conditioners 8000 85~
Pyragon Loop Isolator 10AI 86
Pyragon Universal Temperature Transmitters 2800T 86
Selco / Asahi Signal Conditioners TH2X, TH5X, TW4M, TZ41 83
Selco / Asahi Transmitters TZ1, TZ5 82a
Pyragon Universal Process I/O Module P3100 87
Weschler Process Loop Splitter TIM018 87

Mfg Product Model Pages
Ashcroft Digital Pressure Gauges DG25, 2074, 2174, 2274 107
Ashcroft Dial Pressure Gauges 1279, T5500E, 1009, 1083 108
Ashcroft Pressure Switches NPI, NPA 108a
Ashcroft Test Gauges 2089,2086, 2084 108a
Speed Sensors IRS-W, MT-190, P5-11, ROS-W 118
Crompton (Tyco) AC Current and Voltage Transducers 253, 256 100
Crompton (Tyco) Power & Energy Transducer Systems Integra 1560 102
Crompton (Tyco) Power, DC Process & Temperature Transducers 256 101
Electromagnetic Industries Voltage Output Current Transformers CV2, CV7, CV8, CV19, CV125, CV126 94a
Empro Shunts A, B, C, E, WT 90
Instrument Transformers (GE) AC Current Transducers PCL, PCM 95
NK Technologies Ground Fault Sensor AG1, AG2, AG3 95
Instrument Transformers (GE) AC Split Core Current Transformers 600, 601, 604, 606, 608, 613 91
Kobold Differential Pressure & Thermal Flow Sensors RCD, KAL 116
Kobold Digital Temperature Sensor TDA 115
Kobold Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter MIK 115
Kobold Low Flow Sensor DPL 111a
Kobold Digital Pressure Sensor PSD 111a
KEP Photoelectric Sensors PD Series 117
Kobold Target Type Flow Sensor DPT 117
Red Lion Photoelectric Sensors RRDC, PRDC, EMDC, RCDC 117
Kobold Temperature Transmitters TST, TMA, AUF 109
NK Technologies Compact AC Current Switches AS1 104b
NK Technologies Smart AC Current Switches ASM 104b
NK Technologies AC Current Indicators ACI 104b
NK Technologies Split Core AC Current Transducers ATPR-SP, ATR-LS, AT-LS 99a
NK Technologies DC Current Transducers (3-wire) DT 99a
NK Technologies AC Current Switches AS1, AS3, ASX 104
NK Technologies AC Current Transducers AT, ATR, ATP, ATPR 99
NK Technologies DC Current Transducers DT-BB, DT-FD, DT-DL 99d
NK Technologies Easy Setup AC Current Switches ASL, ASD 104a
NK Technologies DC Current Switches DS3 104a
NK Technologies Ground Fault Relays AGLD 103a
NK Technologies Large AC Current Sensing Switches ASXP 103a
NK Technologies Power Transducers APS, APT 101a
NK Technologies Voltage Transducers VTD, VTR, VTU 99c
Noshok Pressure Transducers &Transmitters 615, 625, 1800 105
Noshok Pressure Transducers & Transmitters 100, 200 106
Noshok Temperature Indicators & Transmitters 820, 821, 850 109a
Pyromation Thermocouples J, K, E, T, N 112
Pyromation Platinum RTDs R1T185 113
CO2 & Humidity Detectors HMT120, GMT220 113
Raytek Infrared Temperature Sensors CI, MI 110
Kobold Ultrasonic Level Transmitter NEO 111
Raytek Programmable IR Sensors CM 111
Sifam Tinsley AC Transducers Theta 20, Theta Hz, Theta 30P 98c
Sifam Tinsley Programmable Multi-Transducers Theta M, Theta 40 98d
Texmate AC Transducers TV, TA, TF 98a
Texmate Power Transducers TQ, TW, TPF, TQH, TWH, TWQ, TQQH, TWWH 98b
Veris AC Current Transducers H221, H321, H421, H721, H722, H723, H822, H921, H922, H923 99b
Veris VFD Current Transducer & Switches H720, H904, H934 99b
Veris Split Core kW Transducers H8041, H8042, H8043, H8044 103
Veris Current Switch & Relay H735, H738, H739, H748, H749, H758, H759 103
Weschler AC Current Transformers 2, 5, 7, 8, 76, 170, 180, 181, 3P3, 3P4 93~
Weschler AC Voltage Transformers 460, 467 92
Flexcore Split Core CTs FC, FCL 92
Weschler DC Ammeter Shunts HA, LAB, MLA, MLB, MLC 89
NK Technologies DC Current Transducers (4-wire) DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4 89
ATC Westcon Tachometer Generators 750, 758 118
NK Technologies Analog to Modbus Converter ADC 118

Mfg Product Model Pages
AEMC 4 Channel AC Current & Voltage Dataloggers L264, ML914 122a
AEMC 8 Channel Data Loggers DL-1080, DL-1081 122a
Extech (Flir) TRMS Data Logger DL160 123
AEMC 2 Channel AC Current Data Logger ML912 123
AEMC Power & Energy Logger PEL102, PEL103 123
AEMC Two Channel Process Data Logger L452 122b
AEMC Indoor Air Quality Monitor / Logger CA1510 122b
AEMC Simple Logger Data Loggers L101, L102, L261, L481, L562, L642, CL601 124
Extech (Flir) Sound Level Meters HD600, SL130G, 407760, 126
Extech (Flir) Wireless Multimeter Datalogger EX540, EX542 126
Extech (Flir) Temperature & Humidity Dataloggers EA15, EA25, RH520A, 42270, 42275 125
Fuji Electric Strip Chart Recorders PHE 121a
Hioki Chart Recorders MR8880, MR8870, LR8431 119
Hioki Power Logger PW3365 121
Extech (Flir) Vibration Meter / Datalogger SDL800, VB500 121
Extech (Flir) 3 Channel Dataloggers SD900, SD910 121
Lascar Data Loggers EL-USB, EL-WIFI, EL-GFX 124a
Hioki Dataloggers LR5001, LR5011, LR5031, LR5041, LR5042, LR5043, LR5051 122
West Paperless Recorder DataVu 5, VU5 122
Yokogawa Paperless Portable Recorders GP10, GP20 119a

Mfg Product Model Pages
ATC Power Alert UPA 138a
Noshok Dial Thermometers 100 Series 138a
Extech (Flir) Video Borescope Inspection Cameras BR80, BR150 138a
ATS Large Digital Displays AE24, AE26, AE44, AE46, AE84, STD11, STD525, CC202 130
Control Switches Instrumentation Switches 61300 Series 134
Crompton (Tyco) Protector Trip Relays 252 131~
ENM Counters T11, T41, T51, PT27 129
Extech (Flir) Thermal Imagers E4, E5, E6, E8 127
Simpson Elapsed Time Meters 55, 57, 109, 112, 1357, 2153 127
Weschler Polycarbonate Enclosures AMP 135a
Adalet Stainless Steel Enclosures JN4X 135a
Extech (Flir) DC Power Supplies 382203, 382213, 382260, 382270, 382280 133
Sifam Tinsley Power Supplies Flex-e 133
SUSI Power Meter Panel Adapters Panel, Socket, Flush Mount, Surface Mount 136a
Weschler Fiberglass Enclosures & Instrument Assemblies AM, AMR 135
Pyromation Thermowells S4 136
Adalet Explosion-proof Meter Housings XJK, XJM, XJN, XJO, XJS 136
Weschler Transformer & LTC Temperature Monitors Transformer Advantage 138
Weschler Zahn Viscosimeter 9109697 138
London Electronics Serial to Ethernet Converter LEM 138
Yokogawa AC Elapsed Time Meters 240 128

Mfg Product Model Pages
AEMC Cable Tester & Locator 6681 173c
AEMC Voltage Tester C.A771, C.A773 173c
Extech (Flir) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges TKG100, TKG150, TKG250 173c
Megger Clampmeters DCM300E, DCM330 146
AEMC Clamp-On Power Meters 405, 407, 605, 607 146
AEMC Clamp-On TRMS Meters 203, 403, 603, 512, 514 145a
AEMC Ground Resistance Testers 4610, 4620, 4630, 6416, 6417, 6470B, 6472 159
AEMC Megohmmeters 1015, 6501, 6503, 6524, 6526, 6527, 6532, 6534, 6536 158
AEMC Flexible Current Probe 24-3001 157
AEMC Megohmmeters 1050, 1060, 5050, 5060, 5070 157
AEMC Power Quality Meters 8220, 8230 151
AEMC Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer 8333, 8336 150
Amprobe Wiring Tester INSP-3 a1
Palm Strobe 6205 170b
Amprobe Tachometers TACH20, TACH-10 170b
Extech (Flir) Pocket Tachometer RPM40 170b
Amprobe Testers ACD-20SW, ACD-21SW, RS-3 Pro, RS-1007 Pro, Solar-100, THWD-5, TIC 300 174a
Bierer Meters High Voltage Detectors & Indicators AV40, VBI15, VDA040, VDAL40, VDAO300, VDAH300, VDAO450, VDAH450, VD1000, VIAV300 172a
Bierer Meters High Voltage Phase Meters 81280, 83280, PD25, PD50, PD800W, PD8H2W, RMV25 172b
Extech (Flir) AC Power Clamp Meter 380976 147a
Amprobe Power Quality Clamp ACD-45PQ 147a
Yokogawa AC/DC Power Clamp Meter CW10 147a
Extech (Flir) Clamp Meters 380941, 380942, EX623, EX710, EX720, EX730, MA640 145
Extech (Flir) Multimeters EX430, EX450, EX470, EX505, EX520, EX530 142
Extech (Flir) Infrared Thermometers 42500, 42510A, 42529, 42530, 42545, IRT500, IR201A 152
AEMC Digital Multimeters 5212, 5215, 5217 141a
Extech (Flir) CAT IV True RMS Multimeters + NCV EX360, EX363, EX365 141a
Extech (Flir) Tachometers 461995, RPM10 171
Extech (Flir) Light Meters EA30, EA31, 407026 171
Extech (Flir) Milliohm & Battery Testers 380580, BT100 174
Extech (Flir) Sound Level Meters 407732, 407730 174
Amprobe Clamp Multimeter ACD-14-Pro 144a
Extech (Flir) Imaging Clamp Meter CM174 144a
Fluke Clamp Meters 373, 374, 375, 376, 381 143
Fluke Digital Multimeters 175, 177, 179 141
Fluke Compact Digital Multimeters 114, 115, 116, 117 141
Fluke Handheld Oscilloscopes 123B, 124B, 125B, 190 Series II 139
Fluke High Performance DMMs 87V, 287, 289 140
Power Quality Analyzers Analyst, 3Q, 3QC, Q70, 2060 147
Hioki AC Power Monitors 3169, PW3360 147
Fluke Leakage Clamp Meter 368, 369 147
Fluke Process Calibrators 705, 707, 712B, 714B, 715, 787, 789 167
Fluke Temperature Calibrators 712B, 714B 167
Hioki Megohm Testers IR3455, IR4056 154
Fluke Insulation Resistance Testers 1503, 1507, 1550C, 1555 154
Hioki Power Quality Analyzer PQ3100 149
Hioki Testers 3120, 3280, DT4221, DT4222, PD3129 175
Hioki Testers 3246, 3282, 3283, 3665-20, FT3700-20, FT3701-20 175a
Megger Clamp-on Ground Resistance Testers DET14C, DET24C 161
Hioki Battery Testers BT3554, 3555 161
Megger Ground Resistance Testers DET2, DET3, DET4 160
Megger TDR / Cable Length Meter TDR900 173
Megger Turns Ratio Tester TTR20 173
Megger Handheld Micro-ohmmeter MOM2 162a
Megger Cable Height Meter CHM2000, CHM600, CHM600E, 659600, 659600E 162a
Megger High Current Loop Tester LT300 162a
Megger High-Pot Testers 230315, 230415, 230425 162
Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters DLRO-10, DLRO-200, DLRO10HD 162
Megger Insulation Resistance Testers BM15, MJ15, MIT515, MIT525, MIT1025 155
Megger Insulation Resistance Testers MIT200, MIT210, MIT220, MIT230, MIT2500, BM5200 155a
Megger Insulation Resistance Testers MIT300, MIT310, MIT320, MIT330, MIT400/2, MIT410/2, MIT420/2, MIT430/2, MJ159, MJ559, 212159, 212559 156
Megger Time Domain Reflectometers TDR500/3, CFL510G 173a
Megger Irradiance Meter, Photovoltaic Kit PVM210, PVK330 173a
Megger Transformer Ohmmeter MTO106 173b
Megger Phase Testers 560060, 560400, 830220, PSI-700A 173b
AEMC Phase Rotation Meter 6610 a3
PIE Multifunction Calibrators Piecal 820, 820Elite, 830 163c
PIE Process Calibrators Piecal 134, 235, 334, 334plus 163a
PIE Temperature Calibrators Piecal 211, 311, 322, 422, 422plus 163b
Simpson VOM Analog Multimeter 260 168
Digital Multimeters HD110, HD115, HD160 138
Yokogawa Calibrators CA71, CA150 165
Extech (Flir) Calibrator/Meters 412300A, 412355A, 433201, 412400 165
Yokogawa Clamp-on Testers CL120, CL130, CL135, CL150, CL220, CL235, CL250, CL255, CL320, CL340, CL360 144
Yokogawa Digital Multimeters TY520, TY530, TY710, TY720 142a
Yokogawa Multimeter/Calibrator CA450 142a
Yokogawa Insulation Testers MY10, MY40, 2406 153
Fluke Infrared Thermometers 62, 62 Max, 62 Max+ 153
Yokogawa Power Quality Analyzer CW500 148
Yokogawa Process Calibrators CA310, CA320, CA330 165a
Extech (Flir) Process Calibrators PRC15, PRC20, PRC30 165a
Yokogawa Light Meters 51011, 51012, 51021 171a
Yokogawa Clamp-on Process Meter CL420 171a
Yokogawa Test Standards 2752, 2755, 2768, 2769, 2786, 2793, 169