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Action Instruments IQ Signal Conditioners Q438, Q448, Q478, Q488, Q500, Q501, Q510, Q520 81
Action Instruments DC Input Isolator with Math Q498 82
Selco / Asahi Signal Conditioners TH2X, TH5X, TW4M, TZ41 83
Action Instruments Low Profile Signal Conditioners SlimPak II 85
Pyragon Loop Isolator 10AI 86
Pyragon Universal Process I/O Module P3100 87
API (Absolute Process) Frequency to DC Transmitters API7010, API7580 88
Laurel Electronics DIN Rail Transmitters LT, LTE 84
Selco / Asahi Transmitters TZ1, TZ5 82a
NLS Series 8000 Signal Conditioners 8000 85~
Action Instruments Plug-In Signal Conditioners, Isolators and Alarms AP4380, AP4390, AP4382, AP1080, AP1090, AP4351, AP1280, AP1290, AP4081, AP6380, AP1690, AP7380, AP7500, AP7501, AP4003 88a
Action Instruments DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioners, Isolators, Alarms and Power Supplies G408, G108, G418, G428, G128, G438, G448, G468, G168, G478 80
API (Absolute Process) Plug-In Transmitters & Isolators API4001, API4008, API4059, API4130, API4300, API4310, API4380, API4385, API4440, API6010, API6380, APILPI 88c
API (Absolute Process) DIN Transmitters, Isolators & Alarms APD1000, APD1080, APD1400, APD1500, APD1600, APD1700, APD1800, APD4001, APD4008, APD4059, APD4300, APD4380, APD6010, APD6380, APD7010, APD7580, APD HV 81a
API (Absolute Process) DC to DC Splitter / Isolator / Transmitter APD4930 81c
API (Absolute Process) Compact Converters / Isolators K109TC, K109UI, K109PT, K121 81c