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Products By Manufacturer

We carry over 50 of the leading measurement brands.

Only a few products from each manufacturer are shown on this website. Call for information on other products.

API (Absolute Process)
Product Model Pages
DIN Transmitters, Isolators & Alarms APD1000, APD1080, APD1400, APD1500, APD1600, APD1700, APD1800, APD4001, APD4008, APD4059, APD4300, APD4380, APD6010, APD6380, APD7010, APD7580, APD HV 81a
Universal Isolated Transmitters APD4000, APD8000 81b
DC to DC Splitter / Isolator / Transmitter APD4930 81c
Plug-In Alarms API1000, API1005, API1020, API1025, API1080, API1090, API1200, API1220, API1600, API1620, API1700, API1720 88b
Plug-In Transmitters & Isolators API4001, API4008, API4059, API4130, API4300, API4310, API4380, API4385, API4440, API6010, API6380, APILPI 88c
Frequency to DC Transmitters API7010, API7580 88
Compact Converters / Isolators K109TC, K109UI, K109PT, K121 81c