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Products By Manufacturer

We carry over 50 of the leading measurement brands.

Only a few products from each manufacturer are shown on this website. Call for information on other products.

NK Technologies
Product Model Pages
AC Current Indicators ACI 104b
Ground Fault Sensor AG1, AG2, AG3 95
Ground Fault Relays AGLD 103a
Power Transducers APS, APT 101a
Compact AC Current Switches AS1 104b
AC Current Switches AS1, AS3, ASX 104
Easy Setup AC Current Switches ASL, ASD 104a
Smart AC Current Switches ASM 104b
Large AC Current Sensing Switches ASXP 103a
AC Current Transducers AT, ATR, ATP, ATPR 99
Split Core AC Current Transducers ATPR-SP, ATR-LS, AT-LS 99a
DC Current Switches DS3 104a
DC Current Transducers (3-wire) DT 99a
DC Current Transducers (4-wire) DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4 89
Voltage Transducers VTD, VTR, VTU 99c