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Products By Manufacturer

We carry over 50 of the leading measurement brands.

Only a few products from each manufacturer are shown on this website. Call for information on other products.

Product Model Pages
High-Pot Testers 230315, 230415, 230425 162
Insulation Resistance Testers BM15, MJ15, MIT515, MIT525, MIT1025 155
Cable Height Meter CHM2000, CHM600, CHM600E, 659600, 659600E 162a
Clampmeters DCM300E, DCM330 146
Clamp-on Ground Resistance Testers DET14C, DET24C 161
Ground Resistance Testers DET2, DET3, DET4 160
Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters DLRO-10, DLRO-200, DLRO10HD 162
High Current Loop Tester LT300 162a
15kV Insulation Resistance Tester MIT1525 Call
Insulation Resistance Testers MIT200, MIT210, MIT220, MIT230, MIT2500, BM5200 155a
Insulation Resistance Testers MIT300, MIT310, MIT320, MIT330, MIT400/2, MIT410/2, MIT420/2, MIT430/2, MJ159, MJ559, 212159, 212559 156
Handheld Micro-ohmmeter MOM2 162a
Irradiance Meter, Photovoltaic Kit PVM210, PVK330 173a
Time Domain Reflectometers TDR500/3, CFL510G 173a
TDR / Cable Length Meter TDR900 173
Turns Ratio Tester TTR20 173